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    filesharing - music...

    Any there any filesharing programs for linux? I dont like to use torrent programs since you usually can t download individual songs.

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    i duno, i think its limewire that works on linux

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    Ahem, I'm just wondering why you people would spend your time with limewire and all that. Seriously, you never know when the next bust could come around. I don't wanna be paying huge fines for all the music I illegaly downloaded.

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    That said:

    LimeWire does work on Linux. There is an RPM file available from the site, as well as a JAR. The source is also availble from .

    There is also an eMule program available. They are aMule and xMule. I hear mixed things on how they work, but they do work, supposedly.

    The final option would be to use Wine to run KaZaA or eMule or something of that sort. Personally, I use LimeWire (and Azureus, a BitTorrent client), which is native to Linux, so it works better.

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    I prefer GIFT frontends, see here:

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    If you are serious about looking for music, avoid Limewire and try one of the Soulseek clients for Linux, such as Museek or Nicotine. You will find more people with interesting material and legitimate reasons for sharing it ( live/concert video traders, musicians offering their own works, and so forth ) and fewer imbeciles sharing the N'sync discography in assorted bitrates.

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