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    What are some good music mixing software to get?

    In windows, I have this program called Sony Acid 6.0 which is a music mixing software,

    Is there a mixing program that's in linux? Like putting music together, rendering it into an mp3 etc.

    I'm looking for one but so far no luck.

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    There is lots of different software around for doing this kind of stuff, I was just looking at some of it the other night. A friend recommended this - agnula - A liveCD with tons of music production software. It has Jack installed for managing sound and runs pretty well. It's based on Ubuntu live and I only had trouble with maybe one application.

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    Take a look through and you can surely find a replacement, but be aware that Linux programs tend to be more specialised and you may need two or three of them to cover the same features.

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    You might try Audacity.

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    I looked into agnula and I guess the live cd is not working for me.
    I checked the other sites and I searched others but no luck.

    You're right about linux being specific,
    I'm looking for a program that can mix mp3's or any other music files.

    Sony and Mix Meister are the two good mixing programs but it seems that they only support windows.




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    As mentioned, you should try audacity.

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    I second that.
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    well I tried audacity but I'm having trouble installing it for some reason. I configured the needed files and installed the files that you need before installing audacity.

    Then I do the same process with the actual audacity but I'm getting this make install error after I ./configure.

    anything I should do to fix this?

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    Ive just started trying out a few apps, this is what Ive found:

    Hydrogen - this is a really cool drum machine that works really well. You can get lots of add on kits and the interface is pretty good.

    Then there are some more audio based tools. Try looking for muse, rosegarden or Ardour.

    Audacity is good for editing sounds

    Cheesetracker and SoundTracker might be worth a google too.

    And finally, I have an app called terminatorX, which i dont know what it does really, but it talks about mixing and decks and stuff, so maybe that would do what you want.

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    You probably don't need to compile it yourself, there is a huge chance of a package being available... What distro are you on?

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