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    I believe I am currently using the ALSA driver andI have one of those SiS built in sound cards. The audio quality is not that good. I have a Soundblaster Live 5.1 cards setting around and am thinking of installing it. How hard would it be to get that to happen in Fedora Core 4? Will the OS sense and reinstall drivers or am I gonna need to recompile the kernel? At this point I am also thinking of trying Suse so maybe I will do an install of it as well. Main issue here is getting better sound quality out of my box. Alos, how can I use the OS to get detailed inforamtion on my hardware so that I can compile a solid hardware list. Down the road I am thinking of doing a complete reinstall with the knowledge of all my hardware, what packages I want, etc. For now it is all learning and having fun. Also anyone got a website that talks about Suse and iPod support?
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    I would disable the onboard sound, and plug the sound blaster in. I think it should recognise whats happened when you boot. If not, run


    and run through the steps there to get you going again with the new card.

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