Hello. I have just upgraded to Suse 10.0 and every thing went fine. I use to have 9.3 but yeah. Well I installed Battlefield 1942 amd Vietnam 100% perfect. Updated them with 0 trouble. They run and every thing looks great. 1 thing though, they both act like they are on steroids. Reason I say this is every thing goes fine, music is playing at the rate it should be and the game speed goes what it should be but after like 1 minute the game acts like it just took steroids. The whole thing speeds up REALLY fast. The music starts play fast and the game is going really REALLY fast. I can't play online because of it going so fast I lag like there is no tommrow. Then when I play with the bots every thing goes fast, every one moves fast. How can I get the speed to go back to its regular speed? And why are both of them acting like they are on steroids. None of my other games do this, Enemy Territory (native), UT2004 (native), Starcraft (cedega) run 100% great with 0 trouble. Even steam runs 100% great just not Battlefield 1942 or Vietnam. Like they both are taking the same steroids or somthing.

Here are my specs.
Amd 64 3500+ s939 2.2ghz|2gb of cossair xms dualchanle 400mhz|Asus A8n sli
deluxe|Nvidia 6800gt pcie 256mb |Soundblaster audigy 2zs|Ati t.v card|120 gb
maxtor 7200 rpm hd|80 gb wd 7200 rpm hd|Liteon DVDRW DL 16x|Liteon CDRW/DVD
player| Enermax Noisetaker SLI 600 Watt PSU| Suse Linux 10.0

I also had the newest Nvidia driver installed, 7676 but I went to the old ones 7167 because last time I had really good luck with them but still nothing

Oh yeah forgot I also have Wine 7-25-2005 and Cedega 4.4.1-1
Tried Transgaming for help but they never replyed back.