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    America's Army issue...

    Hi Folks,

    I just installed America's Army at home and when I try to run it I get the splash screen but it doesn't open. No errors, no messages, no open.

    Anyone seen this before?

    I'm running RH9.0 on a 1.2 Ghz AMD with 256MB RAM and 32MB GeForce2 card.
    It's America's Army 1.9


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    Nothing in /var/log/messages?

    Does this program have a seperate error file?

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    I had it running on RH9, 1.3 Celeron, 64Mb GeForce2 MMX. No problems. Aside from the sullen gits I had the misfortune to play with

    Check on the AA home page what size graphics card you need. I believe I had the same prob when I had a Voodoo 16Mb in my PC.
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    Maybe doing a strace of AA will show something useful?

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    Ok! I think I know what's wrong.
    I was looking at my display properties the other night and as I said I have a GeForce2 MX with 64MB(not 32MB...ooops) RAM.
    Funnily enough the "Enable Hardware 3D Acceleration" option is not ticked, but most frustrating, I can't select it because it's greyed out!

    I'm using the default "nv" driver that comes with RH9.0, does anyone know if there is 1/ someway I can over-ride this or 2/ a newer driver

    I was wondering why even tux racer ran like crap!

    Any ideas would be much appreciated!


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    install the nvidia drivers and use the "nvidia" driver and it should work

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    Does anyone know if there is an rpm for the latest nvidia drivers for RH9?
    All I can find is old ones and the zipped files are a little too complicated for me in this early stage!


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    The nVidia drivers are very easy to install.

    1. Download the driver
    2. Log in as root
    3. Open a terminal window and type 'init 3'
    4. This stops X and dumps you into text mode.
    5. cd to the directory with the drivers
    6. Type 'sh'
    7. Follow instructions.
    8. Type 'startx' to bring back the gui.
    9. Open nautilus and go to the directory with the XFREE86 (maybe XFree86-config, not sure) file - you'll find it in etc/X11/ ?
    10. Edit the XFree86 file using nautilus and gedit.
    11. Replace 'nv' with 'nvidia'.
    12. Save
    13. Log back in as user and you should get the nVidia splash screen.
    14. Sorted.

    That's how I did it anyway.
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    And where does one get the .run file from?

    I have tgz files....

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    1,078 is the link to the nvidia linux download page.. i'm assuming the IA32 driver is the one you want..
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