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    Playstation emulation on linux

    I have gotten the emulator EPSXE to work on Windows. Has anyone had success in getting this to work on Linux? I followed the link below but whenver I try to configure the video or audio epsxe exits without an error. Any ideas? I did:
    glxinfo | grep 'direct'
    and got back
    direct rendering: Yes
    so it appears 3d acceleration is cool. Without an error I don't even know where to begin.
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    ive gotten eveything in epsxe to work exept anolog joystic support. for that pcsx is suspose to work but i never figured out how to get the controls to actualy work.
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    well without any errors it is tough to tell. But from reading the link you provided a couple of things may have gone wrong. First, did you properly install all of the plugins that are mentioned. At least one and I think two are related to getting video emulation to work. This could be your video problem. As for sound if you are using ALSA you have to have OSS emulation enabled because this emulator apparently uses OSS instead of ALSA. OSS emulation is pretty easy to setup you can do it right in the kernel. It should create this device point: /dev/dsp this is where programs look for your audio device under OSS. So make sure you have this deve point and if so then I don't know about the sound. I have never used this software so these are just things I noticed from reading the HOW TO you posted. Hope it helps.
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    You could try a different emulator, if there are any others out there

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