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    Warcraft II with DosEmu

    I have tried running Warcraft II(Dos/Mac version) using Wine but it did not work. When I tried to install Wine output "Preparing to install" and got stuck there. So I decided to try DosEmu. The installation went fine. I ran the game. It was fine. Until I tried to start a single player game. Then it asked me to insert the cd which was in the cdrom drive. I'm still kind of a Linux newb so I'm not sure what to do to get it working. Has anyone else successfully run Warcraft II with DosEmu? Thanks in advance.

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    Can't say I have, but I would make sure that the disk was mounted before you start DosEmu, also, check out their site/mailing list, it seems possible that such a low level emulator might not support cd drives at all (in which case, copy and pasting the files is prob your best bet)
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    I have DosEmu set up to use the cdrom. I installed WC II from cd. The game just does not recognize that the cd is there. My cdrom drive was mapped to drive E: for DosEmu. I even changed it to D: to see if that would help, since D: is most common on windows. The cdrom works fine until the game is running.

    Do you have any other suggestions on how to get WCII running on Linux. Maybe another emulator or somehow to get Wine to run it?

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    were can i get this "DosEmu", if i can i will try and test it out and see what i get when i run Warcraft II.

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    In the autoexec.bat file it says to uncomment a line to enable cdrom support. So I tried this and it said it cannot load the driver.

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    Nevermind. I finally found a website that showed me what to do. I had to edit the config.sys file and the autoexec.bat. But it is working now. Thanks.

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