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    DVD Copying software


    Any recommendations on DVD copy software for Linux?
    I am using DVD Shrink on windows and that rocks big time and it is free.
    I don't think there is a Linux version.
    I installed it in Wine but it does not detect my dvd drive.

    Any suggestions?
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    dvd::rip is one i've liked. mplayer has one built into it that you can use from the command line. acidrip is another i've heard of but never used
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    There is a dvd shrink for linux as well..Works great

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    I'm happy with lxdvdrip. If you want to see a really detailed, thorough thread on this topic, have a look here:

    You have lots of options.

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    look at this thread it goes into a lot of detail and has a long post by oldcpu listing many many many programs that can be used.
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    Thank you I have been trying to find a way of doing this and that k9copy works great.

    Again Thank You all.
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    I use k3b and it works pretty well, but I haven't tried any of the other ones mentioned above.

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    DVD backup experience with linux

    Quote Originally Posted by spencerf
    look at this thread it goes into a lot of detail and has a long post by oldcpu listing many many many programs that can be used.
    Because of limitations with the new board, I can no longer maintain that post. The post was simply too large (if I had known of the limitation, I would have chopped up the one big post, into smaller posts).

    I also like k9copy. It has improved a lot in reliability in its more recent version.

    I've also used lxdvdrip on occasion, and it too is neat to watch run. On occasion, I also find an especially difficult dvd, where in order to backup the dvd, I need to copy it to my hard drive, and then re-author the dvd. I invariably lose subtitles/original-menu when I do that.

    Every DVD is different, and there will be DVDs that k9copy can't handle, and ones that lxdvdrip can't handle, ... etc ... But if one has a good selection of these programs available, then it is rare that one' can't backup the main movie off of their purchased DVD.

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    Red face Ubuntu?

    Do any of these work with ubuntu?
    I am new with ubuntu, and don't know much about it.


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    You can open System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager and search for dvd rip to find`a selection of tools. To be honest I've never found any of the frontends like DVD:Rip and xDVDshrink to be fun to use, they seem to still have to many steps and not quite reliable. However that said they do get the job done if you give them the time to figure it out : they generally use transcode or mencoder to do the job and both are excellent tools.

    My personal favourite is acidrip but it is intended for ripping to xvid/divx (avi) rather than for shrinking to a single layer disc.

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