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    Playing Starcraft online?

    Is it possible with WINE? When I tried it al that happened was it froze up...

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    I've never played on Battlenet with Cedega but it appears as though it does work.
    See under "Cedega 4.4" this page.
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    I was reading FC2 Bible, and it says you can use WINE to play SC.

    that book was published a while ago, so idk about Cedega, but their main page seems confadent.

    Im new to Linux too, so i haven't been able to test it out, and i really really miss SC..... man.... my rec on is 2,000 games.... lol.
    but... i only have the broodwar CD, my friend "barrowed" my origional... soo.. yeah... lol

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    Yeah. Remember the time %)
    BTW how many ppl are actually playing SC or BW now?

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    Quite a few people still play it actually. I have gotten single player working fine with WINE but I can't get on bnet because every time I try it just shuts off.

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    It's about 500,000 people that play over on average (i play it alot, so im guessing, cuz i always note the stats)

    and abotu 200,000 on SC
    its REALLY popular. LOL.

    Like in korea, there are 3 TV stations devoted to Games-think G4TV- and SC is on there a Lot. I was reading CNN and this krn guy makes 100,000 USD, yeah US Dollars, a year playing SC for a SC team. O.o
    he plays 8hrs a day though.. lol

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    It's not "this" guy... it's a lot of guys. The top guy is believed to make money equivalent of 200,000~500,000 USD dollars a year.

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