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    Cedega timedemo wont start after activation

    I recently downloaded the cedega timedemo from the transgaming website for my ubuntu system, and after the installer finished i typed in the activation code I got, but after that nothing happens, no GUI starts up. Any Ideas?

    Im a bit of a noob to linux as well, so I wouldnt be suprised if I did something wrong.

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    Maybe you should just try reinstalling. Now, if this a pirated key or a bought one? If it is bought, then just login to their website with your login name and re-download it. If it is pirated, well then you should know how to get a pirated version of Cedega too so just install that. Good luck!

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    now what he has there, is not pirated or brought...

    tis a legitimate demo of Cedega from Transgaming..

    and, i think you should be able to check there help.. im not entirely sure if the timedemo comes with point2play (which is the gui interface) however, this isnt needed to actually run a game.

    mount the CD... and change to its directory.. then try:

    cedega /setup.exe

    should kick in the games installer... and start the install process... also, make sure you have install the latest gfx driver from ATi or nVidia (transgaming claim that nvidia cards are actually much better native support at the moment, so you may have more success with an nvidia card)

    once installed, change to the install directory (i think cedega does the same thing as wine, and creates a series of files/folders that mirror that of a windows install) and run the games main exe..

    id suggest checking the list of supported games

    and picking a game that you have, and that has only 1 install CD... (something like the original half life)


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