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    MEdia Player for Xandros

    I am having trouble finding a good media player for my Xandros 3.0 and if i find something it is usually really difficult to install and run and I am not yet that good at it... can you help me find and install a good medial player?

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    First off, I look at Xandros the same way most look at Linspire... Its not a nix box, its a wannabe. But what you run is your decision. Anyways, I would try MPlayer. That seems to run well on a lot of people's boxes... Try it and let me know what you think. And also, by running Xandros weren't you trying to be able to run Windows programs? Why don't you just get whatever Windows proggie you used to use?

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    try mplayer for wmv files you have to install the mplayer codecs

    ps freedom not to knock you but since i use slackware i could publically berate your choice in distro but i wont. its not very nice and also you might look at TechiMoes Rants on xandros. you might be surprised by his findings on xandros.
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    Yeah, I'm sorry about that. I didn't realize how bad that sounded until I just re-read it. Sorry about that TheTealOne. Didn't mean to rip on your choice of distro. Also, sorry to everyone else for disrupting the overall mood of the fourm.

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    VLC Player can install on damn near any operating system out. Give it a try. Mplayer and VLC is all I use. I heard there were some problems with mplayer on certain systems.

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