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    Interesting Savage Error

    Trying to get Savage to work on Breezy, but I seem have to struck quite the dead end. I've installed all the necessary libs and made softlinks where appropriate. I followed the HowTo from ubuntu exactly, but I get this error when I try and run it:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "<string>", line 11, in ?
    File "", line 277, in importHook
    File "", line 362, in doimport
    File "/home/slothy/cvs/src/s2update/builds2update/out1.pyz/wxPython", line 20, in ?
    File "", line 277, in importHook
    File "", line 338, in doimport
    File "", line 184, in getmod
    File "", line 386, in getmod
    File "", line 46, in getmod
    ImportError: /usr/lib/ file too short
    There was an error (error 65280 - Unknown error 65280) running the updater! bailing out

    I've tried googling, but there isn't a thing on "file too short". Any help would be great.

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    First make sure that /usr/lib/ is a symlink to /usr/lib/ (or whatever version you may be using), if it's not, you can create it with the following command;
    First remove /usr/lib/ (preferably copy it somewhere you can get it again), then as root issue the following command, ln -sv /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/, remember to adjust your version number accordingly.
    If the error still persists, then it's probably time to reinstall libtiff.

    "file too short" i believe is an error message that prevents loading of files that are believed to be corrupted because they don't meet an expected size, the cause of this could be any number of reasons.

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