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    Are there any good console emulators for Linux?[Neo-Geo etc]

    Hi there,

    ummm... recently I switched over from windows to linux, but eversince I've really missed playing my console games [Neo-Geo , SNES , N64].
    Does anyone know if there are any good game console emulators for linux? I've tried some but I wasn't really satisfied with their performance.

    Thanks for any suggestions that I get!!!

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    I've used Gens and zsnes on Linux for emulation, but here's everything that I can see from my view atop the portage tree:

    illusion portage # cd games-emulation/
    illusion games-emulation # ls
    advancemame       fakenes          hatari             ps2emu-cdvdiso       qmamecat
    atari800          fceultra         hugo               ps2emu-dev9null      raine
    blight-glN64      game-launcher    infones            ps2emu-gssoft        snes9x
    blight-tr64gl     generator        kigb               ps2emu-padxwin       stella
    blight-uhleaudio  gens             mamory             ps2emu-spu2null      timestamp.x
    blight_input      gngb             mekanix            psemu-cdr            tuxnes
    daphne            gngeo            mupen64            psemu-cdriso         vgba
    darcnes           gnomame          mupen64-alsasnd    psemu-eternalspu     virtualjaguar
    dgen-sdl          gnomeboyadvance  nestra             psemu-gpupetemesagl  visualboyadvance
    dosbox            gnuboy           nwwine             psemu-padjoy         xmame
    dosbox-cvs        goosnes          openmsx            psemu-padxwin        xmess
    emutos            grustibus        pcsx               psemu-peopssoftgpu   zinc
    epsxe             gtuxnes          pcsx2              psemu-peopsspu       zsnes
    fake64            gxmame           ps2emu-cddvdlinuz  psemu-spunull
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    Love Gems and ZSNES.

    I cant seem to find a normal GUI NES emulator.. Any suggestions?

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    FCE Ultra is the one I use for NES.
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    yeah u could use zsnes , Mupen64 .

    sorry but i dont know a neo-geo emulator

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