I'm trying to get the XQF server browser to find servers for Battlefield 1942, which I run through Cedega. Other games that are supported by XQF (Quake 3 and 4, Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory, America's Army) all show up in the left pane after I add the path to their executable and working directory. For Battlefield 1942 I set as the executable path:
/usr/bin/cedega -run 'Battlefield 1942' 'Battlefield 1942'
and for the working directory I pointed it to my Battlefield 1942 game directory. Yet I get no Battlefield 1942 entry in the left pane, so I can't query the master server.

Can anybody give me a hint at how this should work? Like if you have a Cedega game working with XQF, what entries did you make to make it work?