I just recently constructed a initrd that is mounted as root to play my music on a mp3 box I'm making (I posted a few weeks ago about it). So far the only issue I keep running into is that I libao doesn't want to work! Everytime I load mpg321 on this initrd I get an error message saying:
Can't find a suitable libao driver. (Is device in use?)
And if I specify that I want mpg321 to use /dev/dsp it says:
Can't open libao driver with device /dev/dsp. (Is device in use?)
I know for sure it's not a problem with the kernel not having the appropriate driver since I can play music just find with this kernel if I load it using another root fs. So the drivers are correctly implemented in the kernel, but it seems that I can't get them working using this little initrd I made. The only thing I can think of is that I don't have the correct nodes in /dev, but I also don't know which ones should be available for libao (even after doing some searching on the subject).

Any help would be great!