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    beware that if your wmv has DRM, they can't be played in Linux
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mariano

    To play .wmv .asf, etc in Xine you only have to download windows codecs from
    to folder /usr/lib/win32 (default for Xine). If you don't have this folder, create it an then put in it all files of "essential codecs package". This only package is enough.

    Just wanted to say that that worked a charm for me. Thanks man!

    I put the codec files in /usr/lib/codecs/ though as that's what I found the xine default to be. I could have changed the xine settings I guess but I decided not to.

    In case anyone wants to know, the xine settings are in Settings -> Decoder

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    Play all video file formats in SUSE 10.1

    All video players in SUSE 10.1 depend mainly on Xine library. but due to legal constrains SUSE 10.1 uses very limeted feautures of Xine library which causes all vedio players not be able to play most video file formats
    to overcome this problem you need to do the following
    1- install the latest Xine library : open this link and download the latest Xine Lib
    2- login as root
    3- unpack the tarball, use: tar xfvz tarballname.tar.gz
    4- cd to the extracted folder and
    make install
    5- to get the latest codecs for all video file formats you need to install the Binary Codec Packages from MPlayer site : open this link
    6- unpack the tarball use: tar -xvf essential-20061022.tar.bz2
    7- cd to the extracted folder and: chmod 755 ./*
    8- copy all the folder contents to the folder that Xine uses to get codecs use: cp ./* /usr/lib/win32/
    that is all
    try to use any video program and see
    note : I don't know any legal information so you are responsible for any legal consequences

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    I have found this rather old thread on my quest for a way to playback wmv on Linux. I am using openSUSE 10.1 64 bit.

    I have installed xine-lib-1.1.4 and xine-ui-0.99.4 (both from source), following the instructions from the xine web site. I have also downloaded the "essential" mplayer plugins and put them both in /usr/lib/codecs and /usr/lib/win32. Reading and executing these files is allowed for all user privilege levels.

    Totem still says it doesn't have a plugin to decode my wmv files. The about box says it's based on GStreamer. I tried to compile the latst GStreamer stuff, but it complained that some other lib was missing. So I got the Totem source code (v2.17.92) to create a xine based version. When I ran ./configure I was told I would have to install the xine development libraries:

    "checking for backend libraries... configure: error: you need the GStreamer or the xine-lib development packages installed"

    What else can I do but install and compile the xine lib?

    Calling xine directly results in the following error message:

    "Cannot open display 'nknown flag "%s"' for video. Falling back to primary display"

    Followed by a message

    "memory access violation" (or so, translated from German)

    I am using the latest ATI drivers (21 feb or so) on a Radeon X800 XT PE. 3D apps run fine (OpenGL).

    xine-check tells me a lot of things that are supposedly out of order with my X version etc. I have X11R6. Is there a newer version for openSUSE 10.1? I couldn't find any.

    What do I have to do to get this to work?

    Btw, I don't even know where my path is set. There is no file ~/.bash_config on my system. I have to admit that I am Linux noob. I know how to compile stuff and so (I'm a programmer), but I do not know much about Linux.

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    For streaming I recommend KPlayer, for me it always plays audio and video over the net quite smoothly. It uses MPlayer behind the scenes and adds a nice interface and a multimedia library on top of it.

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    I have installed mplayer (got the source code and compiled it), but I don't know what to do so that it gets used for streaming video. When I tried to compile the mplayer ui, I got a compiler error:

    Gui/libgui.a(interface.o): In function `guiInit':
    interface.c.text+0xa67): undefined reference to `vo_setwindow'
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [mplayer] Fehler 1
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    stop complaining. we are here to help you but you should ask in proper way. if you couldn't sort out SuSe's problems for last one year, you must be doing something terribly wrong.
    i suggest you to start a new thread. everyone is ready to help you out.
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