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    Converting videos for Sansa e200


    I just got a Sansa e200 mp3/video player....only problem is I don't know how to convert videos so that I can play them on it. All I know is that they need to be in Quicktime, but downloading a quicktime video and putting it on there doesn't work, it just says to convert it using the software for Windows that it came with.

    ....anyone have any idea how I can do this? Or atleast how to find out what codes to use for mencoder.

    Much appreciated!

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    Sansa e200


    I have the same question...

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    Me three.

    All I know is I've been able to upload .wmv files to mine, it has a hard time coping with anything else it seems. But my wmv's were small 1 minute videos, so Quicktime didn't have to split it.

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    An easy solution may be copying a video from a Windows Computer, take a look at the parameters used and emulate them with mencoder of ffmpeg. If you do this, I can help you with ffmpeg command line options
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    software should have been included

    very small size..its called Sansa Media Converter

    you can pick it up from the sandisk website

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    If you wish, here are the general specs:
    Encoding: MJPEG A/B
    Size: 220*176
    Container: QT pro
    One channel.

    You can read more here:

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    if your using the KDE desktop you can also use KvideoEncoder
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