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    the best online (text based though) Java game I have ever played would definitially be Achaea. Very easy, you dont have to pay a penny, and you can make a charector in about 2 minutes, the commands take some timee to get used to but if your into test based rpg's this is number 1 wolrdwide.

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    boson is a cool starcraft-like game altho its not necessarily an rpg

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    ooh! anybody play Godwars based MUDS? if you do and you can code anybody interesting in a coder position?

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    ... is an online text based RPG that I made using Php/MySQL.

    It is down right now but a newer version will be up soon

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    Howdy everyone. There is one game I play called Imperian. It is a great place! I have been playing muds for over 5 years and it is the best I have come across. We are talking the most intense PvP system I have ever seen. Roleplay here encouraged. They have many original guilds and classes ranging from Assassins, to Bards, to Wardancers. A very intense war system is being put in soon that will make the game even more exciting. Player run guilds, cities, orders, and clans. Check it out! Free to play! Have a ball and see you at WWW.IMPERIAN.COM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic_Amber
    And thats the sort of thing that I am talking about as far as being too much of anewbie. I appreciate the help and the effort Lordnothing, but honestly I don't understand a thing you just said.

    Source, binary and arch oh my...the majority of the tutorials I have read through don't explain these things, they assume a baseline of knowledge that I just do not have.
    Ok, on windows you have nice little install packages that do all the work for you. On linux the install packages are different and there are more of them.

    Firstly you have the normal rpms. These are files that end in .rpm and when you double click on them (or select to install them) you get the program.

    Secondly you have distro specific rpms, these will end in a distro specific ending followed by .rpm for example .mdk.rpm for a ManDraKe specific rpm.

    Thirdly you have the ability to compile from source. This can happen one of two ways. You either download a .tar.gz file and unzip it (like you would a zip file) into a directory, or you download a .src.rpm file and install it like normal which automatically extracts the source to a directory as if you had done the extracting yourself.

    Once you have the source code in a folder (will be a few files and stuff and the folder will probably have the same name as the .src.rpm or the tar.gz file) you need to open up Konsole or Terminal or a similar program, navigate to the directory using the cd command. (Explained below, if you know this then just skip a few paragraphs)

    At the command prompt (similar to MSDOS or DOSPROMPT) you have to enter commands to tell the computer what to do. The cd command Changes Directory and is used by typing "cd <foldername>" for example to change to the Documents folder in my home directory i would type "cd Documents". If you just type "cd" with no folder name you will go back to your home directory.

    The ls command shows what files and folders are in the current directory. Just type "ls" and the contents of the folder you are currently in will be shown on screen.

    Back to the installing from source, Once you are in the right directory enter the commands below:
    sudo make install
    For the last part you will need to enter your password. It will take a while to finish each command - watch out for any errors and make sure you cn see the prompt before entering the next command.

    Finally if you are on a debian based system (and that is debian, ubuntu, kubuntu, mepis and a few others) you can use apt-get to do everything for you. Find synaptic package manager on the menus (or kynaptic but synaptic is better) and open it. Enter your password and the main program will open. Use the search utility to find the program you want or a similar program. Select it from the list by clicking the little square and marking it to be installed. It may have dependencies, just accept what it tells you. Click "Apply". It will do some stuff and assuming all goes to plan it will tell you that the changes are successfully applied and the program is installed.

    Hope this helped a bit, if you have any questions just ask and I'll try and help. If this is all wrong please correct me, I haven't been using linux for long either.

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    I have been playing for about 8 years now. It's a really good game that actually requires roleplaying but has a nice mix of fighting if you are in to that thing. It's not bad to give a try at least.

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    The only mud game I play is the Wheel of Time mud ( I have tried hundreds, and none are as good. It is mostly pk oriented, and has the best pk I have seen on any mud. It's also good for newbies and there's plenty of rp. Based on the Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan, but you in no way have to read the books to play the game.

    Instead of mcl, you might use tintin++. It is the client by which all others are judged, and which there are many derivatives of. Most notable are ytin, kbtin, lyntin, or the windows version wintin.

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    It's not a mud or an rpg, but I've been playing quite a bit of Battle of Wesnoth lately. It's a turn-based fantasy strategy game, very well made. Looks nice but doesn't require 3d acceleration or anything like that. I also like some of the nethack games, like Falcon's Eye.
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    Quote Originally Posted by psic
    It's not a mud or an rpg, but I've been playing quite a bit of Battle of Wesnoth lately. It's a turn-based fantasy strategy game, very well made. Looks nice but doesn't require 3d acceleration or anything like that. I also like some of the nethack games, like Falcon's Eye.
    I've also been playing Wesnoth a lot lately. Even in easy mode it's quite difficult, but very addictive. I really like those kinds of games. I think the Wesnoth developers have made 'Easy' mode a bit easier in more recent releases!

    Falcon's Eye is okay, but I've never got too far without being killed. I really like playing as a wizard, but finding the Amulet of Yendor (Rodney backwards) is something that will have to wait a while. Well worth a try.
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