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    Install NVIDIA drivers help

    I have downloaded the NVIDIA drivers and read the readme, but do not totally understand this. I know how to set the runlevel to 1 (or whatever is needed) but only in the GUI. Once I restart and install these drivers, how do I change it back to runlevel 5 and start X server and KDE? Thanks for any and all help.

    BTW...incase u need it, kernel is 2.4.2-22mdk
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    i believe the command you are looking for is:
    init <runlevel>
    if you read the manpages for 'init' and 'runlevel' and 'inittab' you should be able to find out more about these commands..
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    IIRC on mandrake the 'easiest' way was to log in as root and use 'safemode' which booted into text mode. But you'll also need to enable root login via the kde control centre.
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    You can set what runlevel your system boots into in the file /etc/inittab there is a line in there that says something like default_runlevel=x
    You can set x to a number between 0-6 (but NEVER set it to 0 (shutdown) or 6 (reboot))

    To edit file in text mode I use a program called vi. CD to the directory with the file you want to edit and just type in vi <filename> to open the file you want.

    Once the file is opened press i to enter edit mode.
    Edit whatever you need to edit like in any normal text editor.
    When you want to save the file press escape key.
    Then press the shift + q key
    Then type sav <filename>
    The file is saved, to quit simply press the q key

    Hope it helps.
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    alright, thanks alot for the help, just one more quick question...if I set it to runlevel 1, do I have to stop X server service or will it just not load?
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    X will not load automatically (and will not be able to load, IIRC) under runlevel 1.
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    thanks alot for the help guys, all went perfectly, except you can't run the install in runlevel 1, instead i used 2 or 3 (can't remember which)
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