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Thread: Installing Divx

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    Installing Divx

    I downloaded the DIVX tar file and it does include an file. However, when I run it I get to read a licensing agreement and then upon reaching the end... I see END. and I am unable to do anything. Is there some key stroke that these user agreements use as a standard or has anyone else seen this?

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    Yes. Pressing "y" or "Y" just initiates a reverse carriage return.

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    I edited to .sh and took out the "extra" data and ran it. It ran. I got a a few errors though, fixed that with "sudo", heh. thx all

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    Isn't that license agreement just a 'less' command? In that case normally a 'q' should terminate it. Just out of interest did you get it up and running? I've never bothered as xine,mplayer and VLC all play divx but I'd be curious to know how it runs.

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    It looks like the codecs installed and the media players can be modded to utilize them. I wasn't installing a player though.

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    Question Divx woes


    I downloaded and ran the ./install for divx, and it seemed to complete succesfully. However when i try and play a divx video file the player still just sits there and wont do anything. I am running fedora core 5 x64.

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