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    Webcams under Linux: will this ever work?

    I have been buying a new webcam every six months for the past two years, hoping to find one that will work with Linux. It doesn't have to be good. It doesn't have to be fancy. It just has to work. Every time I buy one, I take it home, plug it in, spend a day reading FAQs and forum postings, etc, and then I give up. I keep up to date with the latest Linux distros. Right now I have Suse 10.1 running (this the latest and most desktop-friendly distro). As usual I plug in the cams from my collection, and as usual, nothing.

    What is confusing is that there are forums, there are drivers, etc, and yet from my experience, I have yet to identify a camera that works.

    So I have some questions:

    1. Can someone confirm that there exist USB webcams that can be accessed under Linux?

    2. If so, which ones are they, and is there a method of getting one to work with Suse 10.1?

    Btw my current collection of webcams: Creative Labs Webcam Pro eX, Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Deluxe, and a Creative Technology, Ltd WebCam NX [PD1110]. These are all popular plain old webcams.

    Is anyone working on designing a webcam that works under Linux? Honestly I have spent so much money on non-working cams that just collect dust, and I have wasted days on this, I would gladly pay, say, $200 for a piece of junk webcam, if only I knew it would work on Linux. "Works" means I plug it in and can get images out of it.

    Thank you for any input on this.

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    I've suffered the same myself. I have a webcam that should work with the ov511 drivers and on distro after distro I have failed to get it working. Even after kernel recompiles it is still useless to me. Well, it does work as a microphone if I ever wanted low quality audio. I'd be quite interested myself to know a brand that will 'just work'.

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    I've only one webcam: the logitech quickcan webcam... and it WORK!!!

    What I did is getting the qc-modules package is debian... maybe this link is usefull
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