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    Quake 4 install help needed

    Hi all,

    I have been trying to install quake 4 and i am not having a good time, I have a licensed copy of the game however i cant seem to be able to get my system to install the installers!, I have down loaded the installer several times but it wont run, I'm using suse 10.1, Any help with this would be appreciated I really could do with a blow by blow account of how to install this game,
    Many thanks in advance,

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    what exactly does it do when you try to run the .run file? Let us know some more information. also as far as i know you also have to copy some files from the official disk as well.
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    command not found

    whatever i try and do even typing quake4 in the command line it just tells me command not found , PLease help.

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    Running quake4 won't work until it's installed. First you need to run the installer, which should be named something like To run it, open a terminal (command line), change to the directory where the .run file is, su to root unless you're going to install it in your home directory or have full write privileges to /usr/local/games, and type
    using the actual name of the installer (in case it's not exactly what's above). A nice trick for not having to type in the whole name is to type in the first couple of letters, then hit TAB.

    The installer should pop up a window to guide you through the rest of the installation. Once that's done, you need to copy the file(s) mentioned in the README. Then you'll be all sett!
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    O.K. thanks for all the help but...

    Thanks guys I have tried your advice however when I try to install the installer, (i have tried it as root, Su and user) I get this message? "permission denied"

    Any help will be greatly appreciated,


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    run the installer


    also, copy all the cd's to somewere on your hd

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    Wink Thanks guys

    Thanks to all you guys for the help,

    I coppied the installer into root desktop and it installed fine from there, Now I'm on to copying the pac files and would you believe it I've run out of space in root partition

    So if any of you guys or girls know about partition resizing on the fly plz plz post and letn me know how to do it,

    Thanks again ,

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