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    I have a perfomance problem. Quake 4 run on my PC with no lag's on 800x600 medium graphick detaill. That was before i installed ubuntu. Now it lag's on medium with everything but shadows off. Is there any way to improve perfomance? Im now running on fglrx drivers. Plese advice, i love this game but i didn't pass it because of windows crash and i want to continue on linux but lags are geting the game unplayable

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    You won't be able to play it with your current video card. ATI's Linux drivers just aren't good enough. I had a Radeon 9800 Pro when I bought Quake 4, and at one point in the game I had to turn the resolution down as low as it would go and turn the graphics settings all the way down just to get enough of a framerate that I could see what was going on. Then at a later point, even that wasn't enough--I would get hit and die before the monster/projectile was rendered to the screen.

    Once I upgraded my video card to a GeForce 6800GS, everything went very smoothly.
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    Sad, but true tho. I've posted a similar topic about ATI mobile on the coffe lounge. I've downloaded and installed the latest driver for linux it even failed running Cube and Blender at usable framerate.

    Alot of benchmarking said ATI is far better performanced than NVIDIA but their linux software sucks a big time. So if you use windows ATI is a go-go, but for linux it's a no-no.

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    Try out the ATI 8.26.18 driver. There have been serious improvements in A|TI drivers over the last 2-3 months. A few systems I have installed on recently were ATI based and were pulling 4000+ FPS even while running XGL. I have to say, as much as they have failed in the past, ATI are making up for lost ground now.

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