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Thread: Live CD burning

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    Live CD burning

    I am looking to burn a CD. However there is a twist. I am recording audio to the hard drive. I want to burn the CD whilst still recording the audio. therefore there is no set size for the recording. I need to be able to finish the audio recording then the Cd should finalise.

    I have been trying out using the cdrecord command. However whilst generating the audio the audio is first set to approx 88Kb. The audio file does increase but only this initial 88Kb of the file is burned to CD.

    Does amy one know a way of burning the live audio to CD?

    The following is are the 2 lines of code that I have been unsuccessful with:

    audio recording (seems to work fine - but does cause the initial 88Kb file)
    rec -s w -c 2 -r 44100 -d /dev/dsp /home/audio_record/cc001.wav

    cd burning
    cdrecord dev=0,0,0 -v -pad fs=128m driveropts=burnfree -mulit -audio -useinfo /home/audio_record/cc001.wav

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    is it not possible to record audio to the hdd then to the CD afterwards? sorry, i'm not very familiar with this sort of thing.
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    Is it possible to record audio directly to CD then?

    eg. burn the audio that is being recorded through the input of the soundcard directly onto a CD and not saving it to HD?

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    You could make a app that does that, and save it as 1 min mp3 files, but... don't ask me how.

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