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    This might seem like a dumb question......

    I'm new at linux, and finding it interesting so far.

    Here's my 'dumb' question.
    As a composer i'm looking for a audio/midi linux program that works. That might seem a little simplisitic, but i'm currently working in Moscow and i'm using a Mac G4 laptop with the Fink distro installed.

    I've setup Rosegarden (Fink Unstable version, as there is no other for this distro) but can't get any sound.

    In the Fink 'KDE' desktop it tells me when firing up, the sound server won't be loading and it will use Null output instead.
    I'd really like to get KDE and Rosegarden aquainted with Coreaudio, and my Midi keyboard. I have Jack audio/midi server, but still no luck.

    Is there something obvious I'm missing?

    And, has anyone successfully installed and used LMMS within the Fink Distro? If so, how did you set this up?
    I'd really like to get to grips with Linux Audio/Midi, but my linux skills are somewhat limited.



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    Are you getting sound in other apps? Getting basic sound output working can be a whole ballgame by itself, but once that's working then there's still a bit left to do to get midi working.

    The first thing is to get a midi synthesizer running, and for that I'm going to recommend fluidsynth (check your distro for a package you can easily install). It's supposed to have good latency, but more importantly, there's a nice front-end for loading soundfonts that works with fluidsynth, called qsynth (again, check for a package on your distro). Then you need a soundfont. HammerSound has a good collection of soundfonts, many of which can be freely used. Download one that sounds suitable (fluidr3gm is one that's highly recommended for orchestral instruments), then fire up qsynth and load up the soundfont. Keep it open, and then start Rosegarden. You should now be able to hear midi output.
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