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    Sorry, I forgot the url;

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    gimp is a LOT like PS. i'm sure he can get it to work the way he would PS once he gets the hang of it. make sure he gets the latest version.

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    you can use wine to run photoshop on linux.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by loft306
    the latest gimp is about the best you gonna get....though there is a front end for gimp that mimics the look of photoshop called gimpshop....

    otherwise use wine or crossover office to use win applications (word, photoshop, & a few others) on linux
    For those who feel brave enough to try and install GimpShop on their own, here are some notes I took in installing it on my PCs at home (on SuSE-9.3):

    I find GimpShop works pretty good.

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    The last post was posted over a year ago.. I realise that but the information is still useful. I was wondering if the any photoshop program can work with the Wine app. I want to use Photoshop CS2 that I have on my other computer (windowsXP) butI'm not sure if this program will work on the Linux distro I have which is Ubuntu 5.10...anyone care to help me with this dilemma?

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    Screw Photoshop I say, just suck it up and use gimp, and if gimp isnt enough dual boot with windows and actually use photoshop cs2. I dont like running intensive apps through wine because you never know if an error will pop up and ruin your work lolol. I think Gimp is up there and is very clever for free software imho. Cinerella isnt complete, it still needs work, it isnt near premiere or ofcourse final cut. Any player will play whatever, just make sure you know what your doing, read up on the liscensing and do what you want, linux is about selections. Linux isnt complete for multimedia yet but it will be very soon, windows isnt the best solution either lol, as one of my studio partners said before "Why make a multimedia OS out of freaking linux!? It should stick with servers, and we already have a multimedia OS! Its called go buy a mac!"

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