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Thread: fs_game folder

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    fs_game folder

    Really hope someone can help with this
    I am running a call of duty2 server and am trying to change client downloads on custom maps.In order to do this i have read that i need to insert .csv files into the fs_game folder.Problem is i am not sure which one this is.When i open up my ftp program i get a list:
    how would i go about finding the fs_game folder or indeed if i have access to it.
    any help would be much appreciated

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    fs_game folder

    I often run a Call of Duty 2 server in Windows; I haven't figured out how to do it in Kubuntu yet. In any case, in the WinOs the fs game folder is the "folder name of the mod you are running".

    For example:if I am running a mod called "xTreme" or "AWE", those would be the names of my fs_game folders. Your game launch command would refer to them and read (in windows) "install path/activision/call of duty 2/cod2mps.exe"(something like that) +set fs_game xtreme +set dedicated 2 ...blah blah blah.

    So...unless it's radically different in Linux the above should still hold true as far as what is meant by the fs_game folder. The files would go into the "fs_game" (whatever name) mod folder. Not sure I am being clear or if I have helped you.

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