Hi everyone,
I just downloaded XMAME 0.106 from x.mame.net, and compiled it. However, every time I try to run a game, it says that the ROM files aren't found.

On my Windows PC, I have a folder for MAME32 (Sure, it's a few years old [Version 0.58], but I don't use it often, and haven't bothered to update it). Anyways, in the 'ROMS' directory, I have all the ROM files inside ZIP archives (eg. all the files for the game 'Alex Kidd' in ALEXKIDD.ZIP, all the files for 'Double Dragon 3' in DDRAGON3.ZIP, etc.). I copied all these files over into /usr/local/share/xmame/roms (the XMAME ROMs directory) but it doesn't seem to work properly. Running xmame alexkidd will complain that all the files are missing, even though the files are inside the ZIP archive. What is the correct way to use XMAME?

Additionally, I compiled and installed both AdvanceMESS and AdvanceMENU. For AdvanceMESS, I put some Sega Megadrive games in /usr/local/share/advance/images/gen_eur (I think, I'm not around the Linux PC at the moment). However, when I run AdvanceMENU, it says that no ROMs could be found for both xmame and AdvanceMESS...

I'm really confused on how to get this working, so any advice is appreciated