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    After many many times of trying, i am about ready to give up on trying to get sound going on my Laptop. MY laptop is a Dell D266XT.

    From two diffrent dell documents, i have decided that my sound card is either a Crystal 4237B, or a Neomagic NM3298. But this, really is not my problem, the conflicting information.

    The problem is that when ever i try to load either of the modules, i get many many unresolved symbol messages. This is about this sixth time i have tried to go about this, with numerous kernel rebuilds.

    Here is an example of one of the messages.
    /lib.modules/ unresolved symbol snd_card_new_Ra22f2665
    What is the problem here?

    According to this document, this can be solved by recompiling the kernel cleanly, and the same with ALSA.

    Could this be fixed by moving to the 2.6 kernel series. I suppose i'd be willing to put in the work to do the move (The only reason i havent, is bcause debian's packages are too old for 2.6, so i'd have to do a bunch of manual upgrades.

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    have you tried 'make mrproper' before compiling? it removes all the generated files created by 'make menuconfig' 'make bzImage&&make modules&&make modules_install'... cleaning up that garbage *may* help fix the unresolved symbols...
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    I got it, eventually. It took a bunch of diffrent options to get it going.

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