Searching google seems to give a lot of help on how I might get a system with 2 sound cards narrowed down to only one, but found virtually no help on how to get 2 sound cards to coexist and both to be usable, except a set of instructions that were too unclear and unspecific to be any help, to say nothing of seeming to have been written for kernel 2.4.

I've a SBLive! 5.0 and a Crystal. I really only need the SB most of the time, but once in awhile it'd be nice to have both dsps at the same time because I'll be trying to do something where I need the volume of things like xine to be different than things like amarok. I assume this is actually possible, I just can't really make sense out of what I've got to do and would appreciate a nice simple explanation on how it can be done in a Debian install. GUIs are nice, but if it's got to be done by editing config files, so be it... I'm no stranger to this, I just find it tedious.