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    Need help installing ATI Linux driver

    I am using Slackware 9.1 which does use .rpm but for some reason, I can't install the ATI driver in the .rpm format

    So, using rpm2tgz, I coverted the .rpm to .tgz and tried installing that way

    [The instuctions I was following for installation can be found here:]

    Well, I kept encountering problems. I searched the ATI site a bit and discovered that they had information on the problem I was encountering. That information can be found here:

    After reading what ATI suggests to fix this problem, and to continue installing their drivers, I was left totally confused. If someone can read what ATI suggests to do, and understands what to do, PLEASE let me know in terms I can understand. I am new to linux and I am trying to get everything setup (proper drivers, etc).

    I am using a ATI RADEON 9200SE PCI video card made by GeXcube if that helps any.

    I am currently running the 2.4 kernel, or at least that is what it says when I type "kernelversion" in a terminal session.


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    Try installing your kernel source files to /usr/src.
    Then symlink them to /usr/src/linux by doing
    cd /usr/src
    ln -s kernel-source-x.x.x linux
    Don't forget to replace the x's with your kernel-source version!
    Now try the rpm/tgz again. If that didn't help post more about the error that you are getting.

    Hope that helps

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