I'm a linux gamer, well, part time, dual booting since i purchased a 8800gtx
Mainly, because dual high end opterons are a huge bottleneck for the 8800, and my board can only get my well cooled opty's to 218 fsb (it's VERY stable over that, but the bios claims there was a cpu stability error or something whenever i push it past 21
Software overclocking carrys them another 10, more if i want to keep my pump and fans up all teh way, but i'd rather be able to hear teh tv in the background

ClockGen is the software i use in windows. I've spent hours on google and can not find anything on a linux equiv.... anywhere

Even if it's a little more complicated then just one program, what are my options here. Cause oblivion needs a solution, and i'd like to ditch windows entirely again. this is teh only thing holding me back.