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Thread: Constant volume

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    Question Constant volume


    What I would like to do is have a reasonably constant sound volume when listening to mp3's. This is because many times I'm listening to downloaded radio shows in which people sometimes are whispering, sometimes shouting. So currently I have to set the volume during playing the mp3 from time to time.

    Is there a general (or mp3 player-specific) utility / special driver that can keep the volume at a constant level? A utility for pre-normalizing the mp3 files would do as well. It doesn't have to be mp3-specific either, ogg or wav-specific software is fine, too.

    Unfortunately the various kinds of software I have found on the net only normalize the volume of the WHOLE sound file (i.e. they make the whole song louder or more silent by a constant factor), but don't even the volume differences between different parts of the song.

    Does anyone know of any Linux software that is able to do this?


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    you'll do well to find anything on any platform for this. seems to me what your talking about is normalising only one level ie vocals from a downloaded source ie mp3 ogg
    i dont mean to be a pessimist but i think you won't have any luck.
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    Actually I seem to have found something that at least tries to do what I want: vlevel, which is a LADSPA plugin (therefore can be used in XMMS) and also a command line tool:

    I'm still testing it though, and since my ears are not that of a musician, there is still some experimenting with it ahead of me.

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