Hi all,

Lately i have had to take over adminning of our gameservers due to circumstances. I didnt have any experience with linux or gameservers but so far everything went ok with a lot of help from forums and google and stuff.
But now i have a problem. Yesterday i tried restarting a map after removing a mutator from the server and it crashed. I have acces to it through putty so i checked whats wrong. Now i cant seem to turn off the server anymore. if i use ps -ef it seems to be still running but beneath it theres a line saying ucc-bin <disfunct> I have tried the kill/killall commands but nothing works. I have used the script to try and start it again and it seems the server is starting cause theres a new line appearing so there seem to be 2 servers at the same time and the line i named before. But the server just doesnt work. Its not accesible through webadmin or through the game. How can i turn off the "gostserver" and get rid of that disfunct line and start my server back up? Anyone that has any ideas or more questions or anything pls let me know cause i ran out of ideas.
Oh yeah dont know if its important but i have Debian linux on a remote dedicated server