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    Convert .dmg to .iso. Possible in Linux?

    Is it possible to convert a .dmg image to a .iso image under Linux? I have tried dmg2iso but keep getting told "permission denied" regardless of login status.

    I have scoured google for a long time, and it appears there are plenty of programs to do it in Windows. Call me stubborn, but I want to do it in Linux.

    Any suggestions?

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    I think your best bet is sticking with dmg2iso and
    figuring out what the permission problem is.

    0. what version of linux?
    1. what version of dmg2iso are you running on linux?
    2. what is your command line?
    3. any other error messages?
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    Late reply I know, but I should click my "user CP" button more often.

    Anyway, thanks for the reply but I got an .ISO instead, so I don't have to crack this particular problem.

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