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Thread: Agnula Demudi

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    Ok ... I've downloaded Agnula Demudi and installed it on an ancient Pentium 120 with 32 megs RAM. The lines of text roll past as it loads all these nice little thingies ... then it kinda stops for about 30 seconds ... eth0 not found ... error ... (I don't have an ethernet card in this laptop) then it goes trundling along.
    It takes about 5 minutes to finally get the Graphics desktop up and the mouse is jerky and any program that I click on takes another 5 minutes to load. Any switching between things is terribly slow too.
    I was wondering if this GUI is what the main problem for this aside from the ancient machine that I have.

    This is the only laptop I have and my financial resources won't allow me to buy a new one.

    The purpose for loading Linux into this laptop was to use it as a midi controller to do Live Music on stage. My brother has an Atari -8 Mhz with 4 megs RAM that he has used for 20 years to do this, so I guessed that a Pentium 120 should be able to handle the work then too! I just needed the OS to be small enough to leave enough room for the programs.

    My Questions:
    1) How do I change the GUI desktop interface to a smaller resource desktop that uses ANSI or even ASCII ? Someone mention ICE to me as a desktop to do this. I need to make this machine work a lot faster to do the job. I started at DOS 2.5 so I am familiar with and not frightened of typing in commands. An ANSI screen like the initial setup screens would be great!

    2) How do I tell Linux that I don't have an ethernet card and have it stop trying to find it and wasting time.

    3) Should I just buy a PCMCIA ethernet card and plug it in even if I don't use the Internet on this machine?

    4) Won't it bog down trying to find a non-existant internet connection then?

    I appreciate your educated and speedy replies to this as I need to get this project up and running and on stage in a few weeks!


    Quote Originally Posted by cuiq
    As already mentioned there's DeMudi from aGNUla (ReMudi is no longer being actively developed), & PlanetCCRMA, but here's a few others.

    Fervent Software's - Studio to Go

    and another free one "Mediainlinux" (also based on debian)

    I'm curretly using aGNUla/DeMudi (for mastering)

    Peace V

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    1) If you want get rid of the gui, do (I don't know if it uses kde or gnome). This will give you just the command line.
    update-rc.d -f kdm remove
    update-rc.d -f gdm remove
    If you want to install icewm, do apt-get install icewm. You will need either the interent connection for this (or download the files and transfer from another computer).
    update-rc.d -f networking remove
    . If you want to say a little space do
    apt-get remove netbase
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