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    Black Screen of Counter Strike: Source

    i know this has to be posted somewhere.

    everytime i launch CSS i get the opening graphics then the screen goes black

    is this a java prob or some other unknown entity?

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    Are you referring to Counter Strike: Source?

    If so, there is a likely chance you won't get this to run. How are you trying to run it?

    (Sorry if I'm thinking of the wrong game here).
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    right game

    i'm using wine to run the game. alot of ppl say its possible, even the wine appdb says its possible. plz dont kill my dreams of thinking linux is the greatest thing known to mankind

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    CSS should work under wine with a little finagling.
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    i here u have to change to dx7 to get the menus to show and change to dx9 to play the game. is this true? and how do u do it?

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