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    Suggestions for TV-Out card


    I know very little about graphics cards or TV-Out, and am looking for suggestions for a suitable card (I have a widescreen CRT TV).

    With TV-Out, is it a case that anything shown on the monitor will also show up on the TV? In which case, if I wanted to use my machine while watching say a movie via TV-Out, I'd need two graphics cards, then configure X to use a different display for each ... is that correct?

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    I would recommend a decent video card, from like the nvidia 6000 line or 7000 line. Most of those will have s-video out, some also composite out. From there you have many options on how you want to configure X. You can clone your monitor to your TV. You can use xinerma, and extend the screen through both monitors(will allow you to watch fullscreen video on the tv, and still use your monitor). Or you can setup a second display in X config, to run on the TV entirely. All using the same graphics card of course, no need for two.
    Hoped that help somewhat.

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    That's great, thanks - I just needed an overview so that I'd know what to search for, and that's helped a lot.

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