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    Where to go from here?

    I recently decided to make the switch to Linux for monetary reasons, as well as the liking the idea of being more "hands on" in a software environment.

    For the most part the migration has been running smoothly. However, i have arrived at a wall so to speak, and it involves my graphics card. Im currently running fedora on an older machine (1.8 ghz athlon, 32mb geforce2 card). When I installed fedora it detected my video card and selected a "generic" driver to get the GUI up and running. From there I upgraded my driver to a NVIDIA one. My understanding from surfing the net, was that since I had an old card, I couldnt use a driver with the numbers 1.0-97xx and above. The one I downloaded was 1.0-9631. Everything "seemed" to be right, I was able to get enemy territory up and running, same as UT2004 (running in linux natively). I was getting some error messages on boot up (something about nvidia/kmod=failed, follwed by 2 "warnings") , but other than that everything else seemed to be ok.

    The problem began when I tried to run Quake III. I got an error that read "could not open opengl" as well as "failed to set init to level 3", or something to that effect (sorry, im posting at work, and this happened late last night). I assumed it was my driver, and after searching around the internet learned to check my x11conf (spelling?) file to see what driver i was running. It wasnt the "nvidia" but the generic "nv". After doing more searching on the internet, turns out (i think?) i need a legacy driver from nvidia. The latest one I could find was 1.0-7184. After downloading it, killing the x server, and running it, I got an error that something to the effect of "could not build kernel - installation failed". Im thoroughly perplexed, and I think i've lost perspective of which way is up, and where to go from here. Any pointers would be much appreciated.

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    What specific model of Nvidia card do you have?
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    Okay, the building problem (regarding your kernel) is simply because you don't have the kernel sources installed. As root, simply type:
    yum install kernel-devel
    and the kernel sources will be installed.

    It's xorg.conf, just in case you still wanted to know . It can be found in the /etc/X11/ directory.

    So, try getting the nvidia driver up first and we will work from there.
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