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    How To Get All Codecs For Mplayer

    To enjoy online music, i was be showed to download all codecs from . but i do'nt known how to do it. My OS is LinuxCentOS V4. And I am using firox V2.0.0.3. can you help me?

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    The MPlayer Plug-In was the one thing that I had most trouble installing.

    You can download the source here.
    But the dependencies are what caused me the issues.

    Once you have the mplayerplug-in source downloaded, untar it. (I have a folder named "apps" to make things easier). You'll need to open a terminal (e.g. konsole), go to where the file is ("cd /home/USERNAME/apps"), and then type: "tar xvzf mplayerplug-in-3.40.tar.gz"

    Then, in Konqueror, open up the file named INSTALL in the mplayerplug-in directory.
    You'll see that you need;

    mozilla-devel OR gecko-sdk, GTK development files, X11 development files, Xpm development, and pkg-config

    For gecko-sdk (since I had trouble finding mozilla-devel);

    Get it here. Put this in the "apps" folder. Untar it. The version for Firefox 1.5+ is a bz2 archive, so use "tar xvjf gecko-sdk-i686-pc-linux-gnu-" to untar it.

    Assuming you're running Linux on a "regular" PC (i386 and not PPC, x_64 etc), you can find:

    GTK Development files here. (the "requires" are very important here. If you have trouble installing this, then it's because you're missing other important packages. Be sure to check that you have what you need.)
    X11 Development files (and Xpm development files) here. (check "requires" again here)
    pkg-config here. (and check "requires" here, too)

    Now, when you install these, you may still find that you need other things. Because the above things may be dependent on other things...

    But once you have all this installed, you can go back to Konsole and (in the mplayerplug-in folder) type "./"
    This will tell you to use either gtk1 or gtk2
    Then type "./configure --with-gecko-sdk=/home/USERNAME/apps/gecko-sdk --enable-gtk1"
    Make sure you put in the correct path to the gecko-sdk folder, and that you have the correct version of gtk chosen.

    This will check to make sure you have everything you need. If it gives you a message about something that's missing, then either post here, or find the package you need and install it. Then run the ./configure line again.

    Once the configure part goes through okay type "make"
    Once that is done (and it could take a while), type "sudo make install" (then your root password).
    That should be it....

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