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    Question Linux Car Stereo OS

    Im looking to make a car stereo from an old laptop. im relatively new to linux, but i have a pretty good understanding of it. im looking for an OS that will support a good multimedia player. im downloading myth tv and gentoo right now to see how it works. Since its going to be used in a car, the program cant use a mouse, and should use minimal keystrokes. i cant afford a touchscreen rightnow, so im just using keystrokes. Im should be all set putting everything physical together, I just need an OS. Thanks.

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    I have had the same idea, but I haven't gotten round to actually doing it. I am fairly new to Linux as well, but I have heard of some similar setups. You could use an external number pad reprogrammed to act as your controls. This also allows you to mount the laptop somewhere out of the way or hidden.
    I also highly recommend getting a better sound card than the internal laptop one. I assume you will be using decent speakers etc and your sound card will let you down heaps. Creative make really nice ones but a generic usb one will work as well (so long as the chipset is supported etc).

    mmm, I haven't been much help with an OS, but there are some ideas...

    Let us all know how it goes!

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    I just installed one in my truck today..

    I used fedora core 6 with a 8" touchscreen
    Compaq CM2080
    creative 5.1 pcmcia
    4 kicker ZX150.2 2ch amps *mids and highs*
    15ft 8gu
    40ft 4gu
    8 4gu glass fuse blocks 80amp fuses
    1 4gu to 2-8gu block 60amp fuses
    30amp auto relay
    600watt constant inverter

    im pretty sure that is all the materials i used today but i might be forgetting something

    i pulled a accessory switched wire from the original radio harness to the switch relay, then out to the remote wires for the 4 amps

    i chained one of the amps constant power to the relay constant and the power out to the inverter

    i used 4 headphone-to-rca cables from the laptop to the 4 amps for surround sound

    besides the obvious wiring needed for the rest of the audio thats about it

    Note: I havent gotten the touchscreen drivers to work yet in linux and the drivers cd only comes with windows crap and i cant find any other versions of the drivers on the net not even the windows ones!

    so for now i got the laptop on the seat to control the volume and i really wish it was where i wanted it and the touchscreen would work

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    More CarPC Stuff - w00tz

    So, I was lookin round for, I'm thinking a custom kernel designed to run on a pre-installed system.. (Like JVC.) Havn't found the kernel, but, have found some interesting howto articles.

    Search up "A geeks Guide: How to pimp your car with linux"

    and "Timekiller carpc" on google.

    Lot of interesting stuff.

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