hello. I'm looking to buy a pundit P1-AH1 to build a mythtv box... using mythdora probably as im liking fedora.

i chose the pundit largely because of its display options. it has the following:

1 x D-sub (VGA Out)
1 x DVI-out (VGA Out)
1 x S-Video (TV Out)
1 x Composite (TV Out)

the pundit has a VIDIA's GeForce 6150.

I'm not LCD positive, so i'd like to connect the pundit to my CRT telly via the composite tv out.. i live in Australia.

Can anyone tell me if i'll be able to set the GF6 resolution to 720x576? ive got no idea if that would be a resolution option. in windows, you need to select from a list of possible screen resolution.. but ive heard in linux you can set it to anything that u like through command line modifications of some file or other. (obviously i know heaps about this).