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Thread: 3D problems

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    3D problems

    I downloaded a few games using Synaptic since I wanted to try them out, a bunch of them worked out just fine, (they all happen to be 2D scroller shooters and a Starcraft knockoff that has Warcraft-1-level graphics) yet when I tried out a few 3D ones, "Egoboo" and "Tremulous", they don't seem to work. What happens is, Gnome seems to shut down, and I get booted out to the login screen. I have an nVidia GeForce Go 7200 with the drivers installed. My computer is capable of (barely) playing Command & Conquer 3 on Windows, which is pretty graphically intensive, so I don't think it's that I don't have the necessary power.

    Any ideas? Thanks

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    I found the solution; if anyone was wondering the same thing, I got it to work by:

    1. Turning off Beryl
    2. Opening a terminal and typing "nvidia-settings --assign FSAA=1" into the field.

    Apparently it's a problem with the new nVidia drivers.

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    I have Nivida Geforce graphics card, so will I have problems with games as well. Although I think it is a little older then the one in the above post

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