i am having little success installing a dedicated server program for linux to ubuntu, FEAR dedicated server v1.08. The instructions and files are in the below URL. I will tell you now i am new to linux

now i think i need to install the file into my system file folder but it wont let me put it there as i haven't got the permission apparently (i am the only user on the PC thus i think im an administrator)

it also say i need to edit the resolv.conf to a valid server name (WHAT) i have no idea what this means. also it wont let me save change in this file as i don't have permission

despite these problem if i launch the program (from my home file - without any of the changes) the terminal come up start something then closes with out a trace.

Can you pls pls tell me how to install to "fiesty" in simple step im new.

please help me