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    linux and gaming

    i am new to linux,making the transition from windows. i play a lot of call of duty 2 as well as battlefield 2 and steam games. i do not know which linux download to select,there are so many. will someone please give me some guidance? thanks a lot.

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    Look at this page to decide what distribution you want to use:

    Here you can see if your game can be played with cedega:

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    Cool linux and gaming

    howdy tampa , just wanted to say thanks for the help. i'm headed to those sites now!

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Note that there's lots of good stuff on getting started with Linux in my signature, too.

    Hope you enjoy your Linux experience!


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    Smile welcome

    thanks a lot for the welcome, made me feel at home.

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    Just to remind, linux cannot compete windowz regarding gaming...
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    Linux does well under the gaming genre. there are some caveats to deal with for starters corporations release games under directX and the majority of those are difficult to play in Linux though not impossible. For others there are games that get released under Linux along side windows like anything Id software makes. Doom 3, Quake 4, and everything after will have a Linux version and run better than in windows. Not to mention there is an entire cadre of games that are cool and open source. this is the website that lists open source games and whether or not they are available for Linux.
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    linux and gaming

    carlosponti, thanks a lot for the pertinent info. i found it very useful. moving from windows to linux is, for me, a big move which i see as necessary due to vista and the 2008 issue. also it is a natural progression for all who like to tinker with their pc's. you've been helpful!

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    Even if Linux dosen't run DirectX games well, there are plenty of other linux games and a lot of them are open source so you can get a hint at how to make your own games.

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    Give me a break

    Call of Duty 2 (been out for a year or two now)
    Call of Duty 2

    Playable NOPE
    Popular YEP

    Next up
    Balltefield 2 (been out a while to)
    Playable 1 person has rated it playable with latest version.

    In other words maybe maybe not...

    This is so frustrating...

    Im ready for crysis.... DX10

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