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    if you want to play games ,then use windows besides linux.

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    if you want to play games ,then use windows besides linux.
    It's a good statement but I think you can refine it a little

    If you want to play Windows games, then use Windows
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    There are some really excellent 3D games out there for Linux. At the moment I have Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory, Tremulous and World of Padman installed. These are all great multiplayer FPS style games. I'm also installing the ET mod True Combat:Elite as we speak.

    And for more desktop games my Mom actually does all of her gaming in Linux on her dual boot. She has a good 40+ games installed, her favourites being LBreakout, Neverball and Xlogical. She prefers it to minesweeper and the usual malware Russian Roulette she plays when downloading new games for Windows.

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    the topgames chosen by community

    Free Games

    * Best Free Game - Frozen Bubble
    * Best Free 3D Action Game - Cube
    * Best Free Arcade Game - Frozen Bubble
    * Best Free Cards/Board/Gambling Game - PySol
    * Best Free Multiplayer Action Game - BZFlag
    * Best Free Multiplayer Strategy Game - Freeciv
    * Best Free Role-Playing Game - NetHack: Falcon's Eye
    * Best Free Simulation Game - Flight Gear
    * Best Free Single Player Strategy Game -Freeciv

    Non-Free Games

    * Best Non-Free Game - Quake 3 Arena
    * Best Non-Free 3D Action Game - Return To Castle Wolfenstein
    * Best Non-Free Arcade Game - Space Tripper
    * Best Non-Free Cards/Board/Gambling Game - Eric's Ultimate Solitaire
    * Best Non-Free Multiplayer Action Game - Quake 3 Arena
    * Best Non-Free Multiplayer Strategy Game - Heroes of Might and Magic 3
    * Best Non-Free Role-Playing Game - Ultima I: A Legend Is Reborn
    * Best Non-Free Simulation Game - SimCity 3000 Unlimited
    * Best Non-Free Single Player Strategy Game - Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
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