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    Fullscreen MP3 jukebox apps?

    I am not a total newbie to linux, have run several specialized (Freesco, m0n0wall, pfSense, FreeNAS, Clarkconnect) server, appliance, and router distros. However, I am now wanting to set up a touchscreen jukebox that I have. The problem is that I do not know what apps are out there as far as this goes. I have a source for the drivers for the touchscreen I will be using, so that is not an issue. However, I need a decent player that can handle my requirements.

    Here are the specs of the machine:

    500Mhz PIII
    up to 384 megs of ram if I need to, less would be better if I can get away with it.
    up to a 15 gig hard drive, again, less would be better

    something along the lines of the touchtone audio system TouchTone Audio System - mp3 touch screen jukebox is what I am wanting as far as look and feel if there is something similar, the ability to add songs easily to a playlist, search through my collection, and have a random play feature for when the playlist runs out.

    All songs will be stored on my NAS, accessible via NFS or samba, I know that NFS would probably be better for linux use.

    I currently have around 14,500 songs, about 100 gigs worth, and that is growing all the time. They are in Artist\Albums\Song naming scheme for albums, and Artist\Song scheme for those that I do not have the whole album for.

    Any help is much appreciated

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    i think amarok would fit your needs...
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    There are some pretty cool screensaver style interfaces I have heard of for Amarok.I used a basic one back in the 1.2 or maybe 1.3 days but I don't know what's out there for it now. You can usually get the plugins for it on or through the KHotNewStuff which is built into Amarok. Great app.

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    amarok or banshee is ok as well...though i prefer amarok

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    JukeBox Live CD

    I would like to see that as well. I have seen Amarok and Banshee and they are not exactly what I was thinking of.

    Some software that would display the album covers when they are playing and the like... Big text...

    Also the system I am using runs WinXP so I can use my wireless card to get my music to this box. Linux drivers are funky for my WiFi card so far. Sooo, how about a Live CD that boots straight into the media player and allow you to mount a local hard drive? That would be great!

    Just dreaming...

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