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    SWM seeks live distro that plays any DVD from any region

    I'm looking for a smart, funny, sensitive distro that is capable of 'live' mode (no HDD installation necessary) that will play DVD's from all regions (1-5). Is this a pipe-dream? Anyone know of a live-distro that can do this?

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    I have a suspicion that my post above was too comical for some.

    Most Likely Scenario:
    What I'm looking for is a VERY SMALL distro that I can install to hard drive (under 1GiB) that will play DVD's from any/all regions.


    Less Likely Scenario:
    A live distro that will boot from USB drive (under 1GiB) that will play DVD's from any/all regions.

    OR -

    Least Likely Scenario:
    A live CD/DVD that will eject while running (run from ram) that will play DVD's from any/all regions.

    I understand that not ALL distros that fit the above will play DVD's out-of-box, but I can just download/install the right .deb or .rpm packages to get them to play anything I want.

    I'm still looking around for the right one, but most install way too much bloat that I don't need.

    ps - this is for my g/f - she'd be really happy if I got this to work for her. She bugs me incessantly about my love affair with Linux and I want to prove to her that it is of great use and benefit.

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    I used this one for a few days on a test media centre and though it was very good - GeexBox. It can run live or installed and is basically no more than a DVD menu. Pretty good, I think it's debian based too.

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