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    counter strike on linux - want help on how to install and play?

    Hi all, I am a newbie to linux as well as counter strike. I had played counter strike at my friend's home in windows and I loved it to play again. I have some questions regarding that and want your help in it.

    Firstly I want to download and install the game. I had tried it but my source starts to search server. But I dont want it as I have slow net connection (56kbps). I want to play the game offline with computer players.

    I also got some idea to use Wine or Winex. I had tried it also but I could not succeed due to some error. Please provide me some guidance.

    So I want some source and instructions how to install the game on linux which will allow me to play the game with computer players without any server (as like in windows).

    Please help me. Your help will be great work for me. Thanks in advance.

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    If you post the error, perhaps it will be easier to help you..

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    Quote Originally Posted by suthern View Post
    If you post the error, perhaps it will be easier to help you..
    Thanks Suthem for your feedback and showing interest in my problem.

    I got error like "Memory Access Violation" using Wine. I have 512mb ram. Eventhough It says like this and while running Wine, the programme installation goes very very slow. Thats why I am not daring to get Counter Strike using Wine.

    Can you please provide another way to play counterstrike using linux? I want to play CS with computer bot and dont want to play online game as I have very slow net connection.

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    hello ajaypatel

    firstly comming to point you wan't to play CS with bots.You can get windows version of this game at

    Board Message

    register first on this forum

    with this game you can play as singleplayer,on LAN and as multiplayer

    and to run this game on linux you can use wine,cedega

    but cedega is specially desighned to run linux games

    cedega homepage

    TransGaming Inc.
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    Hi Abhishekh,

    I have tried to search installation of cedega, but i get confusion in it. Can you please provide information for some ease installation of cedega for free? Thanks for your help. I am waiting for your reply.

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    ajaypatel the disadvantage with cedega is that it is not free.{i had forgot about this in my last post}

    You had to shell out some money for this.

    I don't know wheter an free alternate to cedega exists.

    Wine can run Counterstrike for you on linux but i don't know about the performance levels of it
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    Remember, 3D gaming is highly dependant on your graphics card. If you have a relatively old graphics card in this system, then there is not much point in getting Cedega.

    I have tried most of the Wine versions up to the lastest (I think), and for me, wine crashes every time with CS:CZ. I can't remember the last time I tried CS:S on it, but even under Windows, the graphics chipset really can't hack it.

    Meh, I had a look at the Wine AppDB, and there wasn't a proper listing for CZ, only CS:S! Maybe CS:S will

    Good luck!

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    I have another issue. I have istalled wine and i have source of Counter Strike 2D game which directly runs without any installation. When I tried to run CounterStrike2D.exe file to play the game using Wine, it ended with the error "Memory access violation"

    Nown, What should I do?
    Is my wine installation improper?

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