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    Linux DVD burning help

    I want to burn movies onto a DVD using Linux. Lets say I have a DivX AVI file. How do I convert this into the MPEG2 format that is used on DVD's? Secondly, how do I then make the file into a DVD that can be read on your standard home DVD player? It has to be possible. Right now I'm using Conectiva Linux 10 and K3b, but it k3b doesn't burn movies to DVDs, just data. I would really prefer to find applications that have a GUI frontend, rather than using command line when I wanted to burn a movie.

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    I don't know if there is anything out there with a gui front end. By the letter of the law you can legally watch a dvd movie on linx.

    Have you checked out mplayer and mencoder. The mencoder would convert avi files, but it's command line only.

    Check out this faq that I found on google by searching for "avi to dvd in linux"

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    i wrote a script that should do what you want. download it and tell me how it goes on this thread:

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